Searching, Filtering, and Saving Posts

Searching, Filtering, and Saving Posts

There are three ways to use the extension to collect posts:

  1. From a page’s ads(using the Post Collector).
  2. Facebook search(using the Post Colelctor).
  3. Save an Individual post.

Let’s discover how to find these posts first before we find out how to collect them.

1. Finding Ads

To view ads you need to first find a page. Once on a page click the “Info & ads” link. info & ads

If this page is running any ads you’ll be able to see them here. You can also view ads by country.

2. Searching for Posts

To collect posts we first need to find some! To do this we need to use a particular search path on Facebook.

The search URL looks like this:

But to make things simple the extension has its own search box which will redirect you to the above URL.

search search

Once Facebook has loaded your search results you can filter them further.

3. Saving an Individual Post

If you come across a post that has the Social Post Spy icon(usually next to the like button) you can save it by simply clicking the icon. It’s that simple.


Using the Post Collector

To begin collecting posts right-click anywhere in the browser and select “Collect posts” or if you’re viewing a page’s ads you’ll see “Collect ads”.


The extension will now start collect all available posts. Depending on your search query there may be hundreds of posts and this may take a few minutes. If you think you’ve found enough posts you can quit the collection at any time by clicking the “Cancel” button.

Sorting & Filtering Posts

Now we have our posts we can start sorting & filtering them. To sort posts by their creation date select “Date created” filter.


Now lets get rid of any posts that do not have at least 5 reactions:

search search

Setting the “to” value blank will select any post with reactions more than or equal to the “from” value. Setting the “from” value blank will select any post with reactions less than or equal to the “from” value. If both “from” and “to” are blank all values will be selected.

Saving & Exporting Posts

To save a specific post click the save icon for that post:


To save all the currently visible posts click the save all icon:


To export all the currently visible posts to CSV click the export to CSV button:


Next tutorial: Using the Post DataBank to view and update saved posts

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