Finding Profitable Teespring Niches On Facebook

Finding Profitable Teespring Niches On Facebook

Finding profitable niches for Teespring shirts needn’t be difficult.

With a bit of research you can discover what shirts are selling on Facebook and draw some inspiration for your own ads.

Notice how I said ‘inspiration’ and not outright theft. If you find a shirt that is doing well, do not steal the design. Doing so might come back to bite you.

In this article I will use the Social Post Spy extension but it is entirely possible to do this all by hand (why you would want to do that, I don’t know).

Let’s get started.


You should know how to use the Social Post Spy extension. You can learn the basics here.

Search Phrases

The first step is to find Facebook posts selling Teespring shirts or just shirts in general; for now we’ll just stick with Teespring shirts.

So how do we find these shirts? Facebook search. But what do we search for?

The easiest thing to search for is the Teespring URL: However, Facebook limits search results so we could use a few more. How about the phrase get yours now? We’ll also add its variant get yours here too.

Great, so our three search phrases are:

  • shirt
  • teespring get yours here
  • teespring get yours now

Finding Posts

So let’s open the Social Post Spy search and enter the first search term.


Once on the Facebook search page set the date to the current month (or the previous month if you’re only a few days into the current month):


In the post results Social Post Spy has returned I’m going to sort posts by shares. In my experience posts that are well-shared seem to perform the best revenue wise. I’m also going to add a filter and remove any posts with a share count below five.

What I’m seeing in these results is that quite a few of these posts’ images don’t contain t-shirts but instead have funny/interesting videos purely for the sake of shares/likes. Although these posts have many shares, I’m dubious whether they will translate into sales and for that reason I will only include posts that have images of t-shirts.

Now let’s go through the posts and list the top niches. Here are my results:

  1. Family related shirts: grandparents, daughters, wives.
  2. Nurses
  3. Fitness
  4. Bartenders

Make sure to save posts with good designs to your databank.

Now we should repeat this process for the remaining search terms and note any recurring niches. I’ve done that and here are my top three niches:

  1. Family related shirts: grandparents, daughters, wives.
  2. Nurses
  3. Bartenders

Now you have a good idea of what types of shirts are selling on Facebook. Crank open Photoshop and start designing!

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